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Healthy hair is an indication of good health as well as greater self confidence. Signs of a healthy head of hair are soft texture, shine, smooth look, and volume.

Traditionally it has been believed that genetics play a big role in our relationship with our crowning glory. While this may be correct to an extent, other factors such as lifestyle, diet and stress have also been identified as important factors in the health of our hair. Today, barring a small community of people, almost every one worries about hair loss – the extent may vary but the anxiety is almost universal. No longer restricted to men, hair loss or to be more precise, thinning hair is increasingly becoming a concern among women too.

Dyes, perms, blow dryers, and styling irons cause significant damage to the follicles. Genetics, clogged pores on the scalp, unhealthy eating habits, advancement in age, and trauma or stress can lead to hair loss and a reduction in hair growth. Some shampoos, conditioners, and hair care products are also known to clog pores. On average, people lose approximately 100 strands of hair a day, which is not usually noticeable because new hair growth quickly replaces the loss. If you were to look at the scalp under a microscope, you would see that there is still the same number of hair follicles; however, they will look shrunken. The hair that grows through these follicles is fine, short, and light in colour.

Baldness usually begins to show in males after the age of thirty. Studies have shown that some males experience baldness just after puberty. In women, in addition to lifestyle and environmental factors, pregnancy is also known to cause thinning hair. Though hair related issues have become common in modern times, the problem itself is as old as mankind. There have been numerous remedies across various cultures in the world over centuries. Some have stood the test of time, some have been left out and a few have been picked by pharmaceutical companies too. It is safe to say that due to the intricate nature of the problem and diverse nature of remedies, most people aren’t confident of any solution being really effective. Add to this the vast grey market of ‘snake oil’ type of products and it is easy to see why people are skeptical of hair loss remedies.

The truth is – no hair loss remedy can work on a ‘one size fits all’ principle. The physiology of hair loss can be vastly different between individuals and the treatment has to be specialized to make a real difference. There is hope for hair-challenged people. A range of products by Neutriderm has been specifically developed to treat several different conditions of hair loss in men and women across different cultures. The range is fast becoming popular in many parts of the world. In our next article, we will take a closer look at hair conditions and their treatment by Neutriderm.



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